Services we can offer you

Below you will find a comprehensive list of the services, Dennis Walker & Son Tree Services can offer You. Contact us today for a free no-obligation quotation.

  • Dismantling and removal of dangerous or unwanted trees: Trees of any size safely dismantled using skilled techniques and specialist equipment.


  • Crown reduction: This involes reducing the whole crown of the tree usually no more than 30% is recommened to be removed to avoid stress to the tree, the main reason for a reduction is to allow more light into the surrounding area, it also reduces the sail effect on the crown therefore reducing wind loading upon the tree limbs helping reduce the risk of failure.


  • Crown thinning: This is the removal of smaller congested branches within the crown, any rubbing or diseased branches should also be removed to prevent them from failing. The main reason for thinning is to allow more light and air to pass through the canopy.


  • Pollarding: This is an extreme form of pruning and involves removing the complete crown of the tree, this pruning should only be carried out on certain species of trees that will respond well to it.


  • Removal of deadwood: This is the removal of dead branches within the crown of the tree, helps to improve the apperance of the tree and a benifit for saftey reasons.


  • Tree Felling


  • Tree planting


  • Woodland management


  • Fruit tree pruning


  • Garden hedge cutting


  • Stump grinding with our high powered narrow access machine. With a Stump grinder you eliminate the need to burn, dig or chemically treat stumps. The powerful grinding wheel, grinds the stump out allowing for replanting or ground preparation to suit your needs.


  • Growers of top quality traditional & non-drop Christmas trees. With over forty years experience & more than 20,000 trees growing in our plantation, we are sure to have the perfect Christmas tree for you!


  • Tree Preservation Order (T.P.O) and Conservation Area application forms filled out and submitted to the council for approval of works


  • ​​​Tree work carried out to B.S 3998:2010


  • Fully Insured (5 million Public Liability Insurance) Copies of our insurance certificates can be provided.

  • Fully NPTC Qualified for all aspects of Arboriculture.

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